Living alone for the first time? Here’s 3 ideas to get you out the door.

I am a young adult living alone for the first time, and like many young adults out there who are living alone, it can be a serious adjustment. So far, I’m loving the yummy meals I’m whipping up in the kitchen, decorate a floral and feminine apartment, and of course- never wearing pants unless I have to walk out the front door. After a few days of living alone, I realized that the third point was going to be the most important aspect to now living alone. I have to walk out the door, more than just for class, work, or taking out the garbage.

As a graduate student, I am one busy lady. But now that summer has left me with temporarily quiet and uneventful days, I knew that I needed to introduce some habits that would help me walk out the door. Here are some ideas that I have introduced into my solo-living lifestyle in the past 48 hours that may help out another lonesome solo-dweller!

Join A Gym

As I geared up to move out of my city to another city a few hours away, I already knew that I was wanting to join a local gym. I had never really been to a gym before, except for the gym on my university campus during my undergrad. My main exercise level is what I call a ‘baby yogi’- a stressed grad student who tries to do yoga for 15 minutes once every other month. Though I am not much of a gym rat, I knew setting a goal to getting into a gym for an hour twice or three times a week would be so important to socializing, staying healthy, and curing any small case of stir-crazy.

After some research into my new city, I decided that Planet Fitness would be the perfect gym to fit my wants and needs in an exercise regiment and gym. There are two memberships to Planet Fitness: $10 and $21.99 a month (Also: all Planet Fitness facilities will have start-up fees that will be charged when you sign-up in addition to the monthly charge. All start-up fees are different depending on facility/ city. My start-up fee was $40, so today I paid $50. Next month and the months following I will just pay the $10, but keep this factor in mind when you go to sign up!) I chose the simplest, $10 a month! This morning, day two in my new city, I literally rolled out of bed, put on a workout outfit, and drove to Planet Fitness. I signed up in the facility and was on a treadmill within half an hour of walking out my front door.

Find a Hobby Class to Take Try

I inherited my creative side from my mother; therefore, I have always enjoyed anything that could get my hands a little dirty.

This afternoon I Googled, “Art classes near me.” Several hits appeared and I was able to see all art studios in town. One caught my eye and after looking at their website, I was able to see that this particular studio had a class in something that I have always wanted to learn to do: pottery! This studio offers $30 classes in three separate visits to create on a pottery wheel, fire your finished product, and paint for the end result. I immediately signed up for a Friday evening class. It’s supposed to rain, so what a perfect rainy evening activity to get me out of the apartment!

No matter the city you live in or near, you can find a class in something that you have always wanted to try. Do a quick Google search and see what you find, and go give it a try!

Find The Local Yummy Places

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I love Starbucks, mine in my last city knew my order. No shame. Though Starbucks can be great, a local place is absolutely 100x better.

When I moved into my apartment a few days ago, I noticed that there is a small bakery and coffee shop right down the road. I looked up the cute bakery to see that it has been a local staple since 1953. On my way home from the gym this morning, I decided to pull in, and see what they had to offer!

It is heaven.

Donuts, donuts everywhere. Yes, coming back from a workout I absolutely picked up two donuts for breakfast: a cinnamon twist and a chocolate sprinkle. I was happy to see that there is freshly baked bread available daily for a very good price, so I picked up a loaf for sandwiches and toast. All the while taking a mental note of all of the freshly baked boxes of cookies to pick up another day. At the coffee bar, I snagged up a large iced coffee with vanilla. For my coffee, donuts, and loaf of bread, I spent $5.07.

Support small businesses in your community and pull in to check it out the next time you stop by one! Whether its a bakery or brewery (you know I’m checking one of those out this weekend) you never know what yummy goldmine you will find in your community.


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