New in town. Do it alone, take yourself out for coffee.

Today I naturally woke up early and laid in bed thinking about what I was going to do with my day.

Since moving out on my own, I have been struck with inexplicable loneliness and boredom. Classes have not started and yesterday I had a job interview. I actually found myself having fun at the interview because it was the first time in days that I have had a conversation.

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetI rolled out of bed, took a quick shower, and threw on a comfy dress with some hoop earrings. I Googled, “Coffee shops near me,” and followed the GPS.

I found myself at one of the most unique coffee shops that I had ever found myself in. The coffee was priced well, the atmosphere eclectic with Johnny Cash playing at the perfect volume. I chatted with the barista, who suggested a vanilla latte. Perfect.

After settling in with my latte and the book that I brought, I felt comfortable in my new town for the first time since I moved here. Between chapters, I paused and people watched. The people reminded me so much of the people from home, that brought comfort. Before I left, I chatted a bit more with the barista, who I learned is also new to the area. Come to find out, the barista frequents the library that I interviewed at. Did I make a friend? Maybe. Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

When I was younger, I struggled a lot with independence and confidence. I would never have gone to eat or get coffee alone. The feeling of being judged would have been too strong to stay for long. But today I found myself staying at this little coffee shop for nearly two hours. I think in some ways, I still struggle with these aspects of my personality.

For the first time in days, I felt content. I felt calm.

For those reading who are living alone or will be one day and struggle with independence and confidence as I do, you can do it. Do it alone, take yourself to lunch. Take yourself for morning coffee to that cute coffee shop on the corner.

I’m new in town and it is, quite honestly, intimidating. But here is me, beating loneliness and boredom- one vanilla latte at a time.


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